Sunday, May 6, 2007

Blog- Take Two

Okay, it has been so long since I tried to post a message on our old blog that I can't seem to access it. Perhaps I was a little ambitious to start when the babies were so young and not yet sleeping through the night. With any luck, they'll continue to sleep and I'll be able to keep up with the happenings around here on my new and improved blog (which I created myself so I can find the passwords, etc.)
We've had a rough couple of days. E was admitted to the hospital with some sort of stomach bug on Friday night after being sick all day. She was absolutely lifeless; I've never seen her that way before. She was so dehydrated that they had to stick her 3 times just to put the IV in. It was hard to watch. We came home last night still not completely well, but better hydrated. She has not kept any solid food down again today, but she has done okay with liquids. Hopefully tomorrow she will be just like new!
I've really missed the babies while I have been occupied with taking care of the big sis. This morning I put all three of them on a blanket ( a pretty large one, I might add) in the living room before E woke up. I left the room for a few seconds, and when I came back not one of them was still on it. M is our adventurer. She was all the way around the furniture and in the play area with one of E's dolls. S was near the fireplace trying to catch a beach ball that just kept getting away from her, and K was in hot pursuit of M... she had only made it half-way around the recliner though. Even though I thought K would be the first to start moving she seems to be the most content to sit and enjoy her toys. Meanwhile, M and S have got this crawling thing down pat. I think K can crawl, but she usually chooses to roll or low crawl after she becomes bored with her immediate surroundings.