Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Tricks

This afternoon Ms. Faye and I took all the girls for a walk. It was pretty hot out there, so when we got home I filled E's water table and put the babies in the new plastic pool that Mimi got them without any water in it... thanks Mimi. E stripped down and thoroughly enjoyed playing with her water and boats while the babies played with a pool full of toys. I decided to test out the video capabilities of both the camera and the blog this afternoon... we've got lots going on these days, and I want to be able to post the occasional video. The one we made today is of E telling her ho nam (or whole name) . About a month ago an older couple with grandchildren at a playground was talking with her and asked what her name was. She replied, "E S Chatty Cathy B". She has certainly got the Chatty Cathy part right! I believe she even added Elizabeth Ann to her name as well the second time that she said it on video today... who knows why? Anyway just wanted to test it out... look for more videos in the near future.

I believe E becomes more of a girly girl with every day... I'm not saying she doesn't occasionally play hard or get dirty, but she truly notices and appreciates all things feminine. For instance, she loves to put on make-up and nail polish, have fashion shows, pretend she is Miss Amanda and Miss Amegan (her name is actually Megan)- the two gals who have cut her hair at the salon, she loves Ms. Debbie's lipstick and never fails to notice what color she is wearing on her weekly visit, she has quite a thing for shoes...i.e. her comment regarding a new pair of crocs at Christmas, "Oh, Mimi. Did you shind these at Belks?". Anyway, yesterday morning she told me that my legs were grouchy. I'm pretty sure she meant scratchy. Next thing I know she'll be telling me when my hair needs color and my eyebrows need attention! I must say that raising a girly little girl is proving to be quite fun, even for a tomboy like me.

In other news.... M has been pulling up to her knees all day long, and tonight (while I wasn't looking, of course) she pulled up to standing all by herself on the side of her crib! Fortunately Miss Kelli and Ms. Nancy were there to witness the feat. It is really going to be nuts around here in a couple of months with babies crawling, pulling up, and toddling all around. Yikes!!!!!!!!